Pine Swamp Shade designs are unique and hand printed. I print on both sides of the shade to take advantage of the drama between day and night, interior and exterior. During the day if you are inside your home you will witness the design on the back filtering through the design on the front, while the pedestrians outside will only see what is printed on the outside of the shade. At night the stage is reversed and those outside will see the complete design if the lights inside your home are turned on while inside only the pattern printed on the front will reveal itself. The white ink on a cream or white shade takes advantage of this in invisible and magical ways. If ordering multiple shades for one room I would recommend having me print variations on the design choice so that the shades become an installation incorporating movement and variations.

Pine Swamp Shades uses high quality 100% cotton cloth shades. They are smooth embossed and insulating and meet Federal Spec LS001787, NFPA 701 Fire Retardant standards. To clean use a damp sponge with a mild detergent. The ink used is acrylic based and will not fade.

Hiroshige Meets Munch. silk screen, sewing on front and verso, cotton window shade