Pine Swamp Shades

Note: Nails, wood screws and sheet metal screws (for metal frames) are provided. For concrete, stone, brick, or tile use a carbide drill and appropriate anchors and screws. For wallboard or plaster, use hollow wall anchors and/or longer screws to each framing or stud.
Spring Roller Shades

Inside Mount
The roller shade, when mounted, should not make contact with the top of the window frame. Leave the shade rolled up until installed in the brackets. Align the brackets vertically. The top of the bracket should be 3/8” from inside top of the frame. This should leave approximately a ¼” gap between the top of the roller and the bottom of the frame. You can raise the brackets (slightly) or lower them if you want the roller at a different height. The brackets must be aligned and level with one another. Install the bracket with the slot on the left of the frame and the bracket with the hole on the right. Use two screws for each bracket so they do not swivel. Insert the pin on the right first and slide the other end in the bracket with the slot.

Outside Mount
The roller shade, when mounted should not make contact with the top of the window frame or any other obstruction when raised and lowered. Position the mount brackets outside the window frame. The brackets need to be aligned and level with one another. When the shade is installed it should move freely between the brackets, be sure to allow 1/8" of additional space between the brackets

To Widen Shade: With pliers, carefully pull pin end out no more that ¼“.

To Adjust Spring Tension: First, unwind motor spring by twisting motor pin clockwise ¼ turn and then quickly releasing pin.

To loosen: Remove rolled up shades from brackets. Unroll six inches. Replace shade in brackets. Repeat as need until loose enough.
To tighten: Place shade in brackets and pull shade down 3 feet. Remove from brackets and roll up by hand. Repeat by pulling down another 6 inches until desired tightness is reached.

Rolling the Shade Up and Down: The tassel is decorative. We recommend you do not use the tassel to pull the shade up and down. Use 2 hands on each side of tassel and do not let go of the shade as it moves toward the top.

If you have any questions about installation, don’t hesitate to call us at 607-369-3059.