Pine Swamp Shades

For each window one can decide on the following:
1. Shade Type
Roller: Spring Roller System
Our basic shade is a heavy duty spring roller shade that you pull on to bring down and pull again to wind up.
Clutch: Clutch Roller System
We recommend clutch if you cannot reach the top of the window.

Optional cassette system conceals shade roller for finished look. ( Insert clutch photo 36)

2. Shade Color
Decide on the shade color, cream or white.

3. Shade Design

4. Color Palette
The inks for your shade will be mixed to order. Use paint chips or cut from magazines or use crayons, colored pencils, paint, watercolors, anything that will help us approximate the color palette you want. This color palette should be sent with your deposit.

5. Frame material, wood, metal, or other
Determine your frame material, wood, metal, masonry or other. This will help us supply you with the correct fasteners.

6. Mounting, inside or outside

Inside Mounted
These shades mount inside the window casing, and do not cover the window molding.
Inside mounted shades

Outside Mounted
These shades are mounted on the wall or trim and cover the window molding. They require no minimum depth
Outside mounted shades are

7. Measurement (for each window)

Measure windows
Tips for measuring:
Accuracy is very important if your shades are to fit and operate properly! Double check all measurements!
Make sure there are no obstruction on the window that will obstruct the operation of the shade, like cranks or alarm system components.
Use a Steel measuring tape, not cloth.
Keep the tape straight and flat. Do not try to read the measurement of a tape bent inside the frame; rather, take one end of the tape to the inside of the frame, and the other end to inside edge of the frame.
Use exact measurement. Do not round up or down.
Measure all windows, even those that appear to be the same width and height

Inside Mounted
1. Measure the inside width at the top of the window frame. Do not round and be as exact as possible. This is your ordering width. Do not make any deductions
2: Measure the height inside the frame from the top to the sill.. This is your ordering length.

Outside Mounted
1: Measure the width of the area you wish to cover. If space allows we recommend adding 3-4" (1 1/2-2" each side) to this measurement to help eliminate light seepage. This is your ordering width and will be the overall measurement outside bracket to outside bracket.

2: Measure the height of the area you wish to cover. This is your ordering length.


We must receive 50% of payment before we begin printing (we will invoice you) and balance of payment before we ship the finished shade. Payments should be check or money order made to "Pine Swamp Shades".